Mr. Whittington was a Director from 1956 to 1979, twenty-four years. His presence at the Fairs held at the Race Tracks is memorable to all of us fortunate enough to remember him. More importantly as a County Commissioner he was instrumental in our move to the present Fairgrounds. Mr. Whittington’s belief that the Fair should have a home was not universally held by his contemporaries on the Fair Board. His dream of a permanent home for the Fair however became a reality and his help to locate the Fairgrounds on his beloved Leetown Road became a reality. We can not really say that “Whit” was a visionary but his dedication to the Fair in it’s infancy and it’s most defining moment is evident in the very fact that our organization still exists. This happened in 1973 and 1974 because our first Fair at our present location was held August 25-30, 1975. It is indeed fortunate for us that he was on the County Commission when the ground became available. Had he not been no thought would have been given to the present use of that County owned property. He and his friends moved us to Leetown Road and guided us in our beginning. It is only fitting he be the first person recommended by the new committee.