Lest We Forget

Charles F. Adams (1925-2015)

Charlie was on the JCFA Board of Directors for 23 years and served as a charles adamsDirector Emeritus for 20 more years before his death in 2015. It would be tempting to relate to all the many Charlie stories that live vividly in the memories of those who were associated with him, but that would take many pages and are part of the folklore of our organization to verbally pass from generation to generation, fond memories all.
Let us be inspired by the dedication and loyalty that Charlie had for our Fair and the Fairgrounds. The transition from the Racetracks to our new Fairgrounds in 1975 carried with it a heavy responsibility. Charlie was among the ranks of individuals that signed notes to secure the funding needed to start the new venture. He never stopped. His involvement spanned from building and grounds, entertainment, right down to being the last person on the grounds to turn off the lights during Fair time. From water to roof, from grandstand to light switch Charlie was there. In his prime he was involved in most of our foundation projects, always lending that helping hand and distinctive personality to the task at hand. When he could no longer lend that hand his loyalty never ceased, calling every day during the Fair to check our progress.
Volunteers like Charlie are the lifeblood of organizations such as ours. Surely not every volunteer can be a take charge type person like Charlie, but like most of our “founding fathers” he cultivated new volunteers with loyalty and dedication instead of alienating them. The attitude that you must get right in there and get it done is to be appreciated and he had it in spades. Our organization has been the beneficiary of that drive and dedication.
Charlie has now passed and we can be sad, but let us all be inspired as well. Let us go forward with that same drive and dedication that keeps our organization healthy, happy and successful.
It won’t be the same this year without that early morning call in the Fair office from Charlie, but you can bet that when the phone rings at 7:30 AM we’ll wonder, “Could it possibly be?”